My passion since I was a child, I find it again nowadays.

My name is Elisa Martini, I am married, a mother and a businesswoman. Drawing is my passion and nowadays I find it again in my job. Together with Cinzia, my sister, I manage a company that designs and produces natural style furniture, with a fashion soul. The best thing of my job? Listening to the customer and helping him to make his dream come true by developing a furniture designed for him.


I like giving shape and colour to my thoughts to make them speak through emotions. When people asked me what I wanted to be, when I grew up, I answered: “High school of Art”. Drawing, surrounded by my thoughts to imagine a parallel world. A tightrope walker balancing between the creative moment of loneliness and the immersion among people, that creates inspiration.


Simplicity and concreteness, without mincing words. I appreciate this side of my sister Cinzia very much. Her ability to be friendly with people. Reading and culture, two passions that link but also differentiate us. I am a conceptual person, I like observing different perspectives in the same subject, at every blink of the eye. What is my favourite book? “Lezioni Americane” by Italo Calvino. Listening to the Italian melodies of the Seventies makes me dream: those melodies of the vinyl records of Battisti, Mina and Celentano I heard when I was a child and browsed among my parents’ collections.

I identify myself in the colours of our furniture, in rose and light blue colours in particular. The colour in which I recognise me the most, however, is petrol blue: a steady, strong and determined colour. A particular colour, that has a cold tone but has also many other shades and it is made of some parts of grey, green and red parts.


When I’m designing, I think I’m telling a story inside each product” – Elisa Martini


We love telling about our way of being, living, thinking and what makes us feel good. Disclosing with passion our history, to make you part of it and sharing with you our research path.

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