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My name is Cinzia Martini, I am married, a mother and a businesswoman. Numbers are my passion, since I was a child. Together with my sister Elisa I run a company that designs and produces sustainable furniture, with a fashion soul. In my job going beyond appearance is very important every day, in order to understand the customer, who is always a different person, and build with him the empathy that allows us to create a customised project around his wishes.


Numbers, my passion and my entertainment. When I was a child I was a lively spirit who kept the dream to work with numbers and make them an important part of her life. Nowadays, I find numbers in my job, and in my spare time too, for example when I’m knitting and I need to count the points. Joining logic with listening is important to me. I like the ability to find a continuous teaching behind people and working groups’ words, with the certainty of having learned always something new.


Creativity and her excellent drawing skills. This is what I like most of my sister Elisa, along with her ability in public speaking and elegance. I love reading, on my night table there’s always a noir or a thriller book. Which is my favourite book? “Io uccido” by Giorgio Faletti. Logic helps me dealing with different situations and clues inpire my mind.
Is there a city I would like to visit? Yes, New York. I’m curious to know if what I imagined about this metropolis while reading and movie watching, corresponds really to the reality!

My favourite colour is orange: it brings warmth, energy and solarity. A positive colour, that gives me a lot of determination and that I often choose for my clothes, which are very colourful: yellow, orange and, when I want to dare, fuchsia.


Numbers are my passion and every day I have fun with them” – Cinzia Martini


We love telling about our way of being, living, thinking and what makes us feel good. Disclosing with passion our history, to make you part of it and sharing with you our research path.

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