Le Sorelle Martini: how a trademark is born

To create our logotype we have visited an old print shop in downtown Verona, where we have experimented and played with the typesets. Shapes and colours mixed under our hands to create a logo that represents us and reflects the two souls of Le Sorelle Martini, different but complementary.

The birth of a brand requires a procedure bringing together very diverse concepts. That is why a logo or logotype is the sum of a set of values, ideas, motivations and attitudes: they are the image of a company or product and the first thing one sees

The choice of font and colour

People need images to connect with thoughts and shapes or objects to attach a meaning to. The choice of a font is crucial to underline who we are.

There are linear fonts and rounded fonts having different characteristics, as far as use, readability and culture are concerned. Fonts are developed at a given historic moment; they are part of the cultural evolution and mark artistic and historic periods. Hence the importance of choosing the most appropriate font, as it reminds of links with the past. The shape of the letters, vowels and consonants, their sound as we read a word, are part of the design and definition of a trademark.

A logo must be able to adjust to different formats and sizes while remaining recognizable in all contexts. If a logo is formally correct in black and white the same will be true in colour. The colours choice is an important step and it comes at the end of the design stage, adding personality to the trademark. A few colours, such as white and red, have different meanings according to the local culture. The most suitable colours must be effectively chosen to avoid hurting sensibilities and to guarantee the effectiveness of the message.

Stampa inchiostro rosso - Le Sorelle Martini


A dynamic logo for an ever-chaning company

Shape, colour and lettering together create a trademark, which is in turn made up by the logo, a graphic representation, and by the logotype, which is pure text.

Le Sorelle Martini have chosen to use the logotype as a trademark and to play in time with the rotation, the mirror effect and the overturning of the individual letters in the font, creating a dynamic logo. A dynamic logo is and ever-changing one, which is never static but rich in variations, used in different times and situations, while remaining always recognizable despite mutations.
The world we live in is an ever-changing one in constant transformation and the same is true of the logo representing a company or product. The logo speaks about us and if it is constantly changing the same can be said of the company.

Carta stampata de Le Sorelle Martini

A logo tells who we are and our story. Le Sorelle Martini have chosen to represent their constant change, irony and mutability by changing its skin and modifying the superficial aspects but not its contents.

Poppy red with a hint of blue and orange was the chosen colour: a strong and resolute colour such is red, characterized by a peculiar hue obtained mixing two complementary colours. Blue and orange, are nuances representing the two sisters, different yet complementary, creating the identity of Le Sorelle Martini.

How Le Sorelle Martini trademark was born: the creative process

We have personally experienced the creation of our logotype, directly experimenting with the typographic process in and old print shop in downtown Verona.

We opened drawers and browsed old-fashioned wooden and lead typesets of different shapes and sizes and played mixing different letters on the table. We eventually chose two different fonts, one for vocals and one for consonants. We created a moving shape, raising and lowering the individual letters, as if one of them was trying to penetrate or push the other in a constant graphic tension, creating sinuosity, similar to musical notes on a pentagram.

Once the shape was found, we sealed empty spaces with small rulers and geometric weights, secured the logotype onto the support squaring the trademark and inked the matrix with a roller brush. Finally we pressed the ink on the paper, printing our logotype.

To create our logo we got our hands dirty and experimented. This is part of our mission, being present, participating, putting heart, hands and face in everything we do.

Scelta dei caratteri del logo de Le Sorelle Martini


The creation of a logo involves several steps, rules and procedures. As with any other important project, a concept is the starting point, followed by research, experiments, errors and corrections to obtain a finished product one can identify with and be recognized by.

A brand needs to be recognised by both those who created it and put their soul in it and by people wishing to participate and live the brand because they identify with it and have chosen it because they feel empathy.

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