Eco-sustainable interiors for a cafe: what is required and how to create it

We ask clients to tell us their story, what they feel and what feeling they want to convey to customers entering their establishment. This is the first step to design interiors with a personality, reflecting people living in them every day. The creative process, which consists in the development, of a concept, comes second.

Designing interiors for a cafè requires a set of diverse skills. Some may be taken for granted, such as knowing how to draw a design and guaranteeing assembly. Others are much more personal, such as possessing the right attitude and good social skills.

Clients are at the heart of projects

First of all, plenty of patience and a good empathy with clients are required, as they are first and foremost individuals with needs and demands. The designer needs to be a good listener and be able to arrange and summarise emerging ideas. Le Sorelle Martini manufactures customised furniture, working according to personalised projects. We like to design interiors that express the uniqueness of the location and of the people living in it, using natural materials and eco-friendly and sustainable finishes.
The first chat is usually informal but enables us to understand all the facets of the clients’ behaviour, habits and language, which is of fundamental importance to find the best way to communicate. Finding empathy with a person means fully sharing his requirements and desires. Our aim is turning dreams into reality and Le Sorelle Martini can generate the link between an intangible idea and the creation of concrete interiors.

A project for an eco-sustainable café - Le Sorelle Martini

Our company designs and manufactures furniture, upholstered chairs, panelling, accessories, kitchens and wall units, joining the skills traditionally belonging to two different professionals: the interior designer and the artisan. We enjoy experimenting, creating and manufacturing unique products. We want to diversify ourselves from other companies that simply combine pieces found on the market. Our committed presence, the growing friendly relationship, being always present to solve any doubt or simply to give a piece of advice, helps creating a strong trusty connection with the client, who recognises us as the key player for the success of the project.

Concept development

Creative work, the concept development, follows a detailed structure analysis, the study of clients’ requests and of the several possibilities available. The concept is the heart of the whole project and materializes in hand drawn, perspective, water-coloured pictures enabling clients to fantasize and imagine the fully realized project.

We believe that using one’s imagination creates expectations in clients, a sense of desire and anticipation that frees us from the sterile practice of overused renderings. Le Sorelle Martini prefer manual drawings gesture and the water diluted colours to support their natural and sustainable choices coupled with manual skills. The ability to stimulate dreams and the added value of hand-made products are very much in demand and appreciated, as the project looks precisely tailored on clients and their needs.

Projects are completed with a collage of the chosen materials. Several samples of wood in different finishes, as well as curtain and upholstery fabrics, colour references for walls and floors, pictures of lighting fixtures are glued on a cardboard next to the drawings. The concept is defined in detail and clients feel pampered with comprehensive, well-described proposals. Even secondary aspects that are usually initially neglected are sometimes highlighted, when we consider them important and to be enhanced, as it is often details that make the difference.

Project for Delicatessen bakery

The preliminary project is presented and discussed with clients. It can be modified until approved and subsequently becomes executive. The production stage begins with the manufacturing of samples of structural elements and the choice of wood type and colour finish. The perfect shade of colour and the materials that work best together in the project, also depending on the function to be performed, are identified.

A Café has well defined characteristics that cannot be overlooked, such as the daily cleaning of both counter and tables and seats. Materials must be waterproof, easy to clean using eco-friendly detergents. For this reason our favourite material is wood, both new and reclaimed, the latter available in several shades of colour naturally obtained with a prolonged exposure to sunlight. A natural oil finish enhances both cold and warm shades of alder wood while protecting wood from cleaning, performed using simply castile soap and water.

Solutions for all requirements: eco-friendly furniture for “Bar Delicatessen” cafè and bakery in Bovolone

Sometimes cafes have diverse customers. As you can see in the pictures, furniture designed for Bar Delicatessen in Bovolone had to be used for café and bakery alike. We have designed a structure for bread display that could contain several different products in capacious beech wood boxes with glass details. The structure can be altered in time depending on needs that may arise in the future. The iron supporting structure is made up by poles attached to both floor and ceiling and several sloping shelves that contain bread boxes and product display shelves.

Struttura porta pane per bar

Reclaimed alder panels and an iron rack supporting beech wood shelves used for the display of bakery products and bottles of fine selected wine make up the product display area. The details that make the difference in this project are: the damask pattern wallpaper, the led lighting fixtures hanging over each table, legless tables attached to the wall, small comfortable and plush sofas, the central pole supporting sloping shelves and hanging drawers, easy to clean but with a pleasant minimalist design.

Tavolini ancorati a muro

Our interiors are designed to mix styles, materials and colours, making stylish elements coexist with green ones. They can be adjusted according to clients’ needs and requirements, with a special attention for eco-friendliness and sustainability, which shops, cafes and other establishments generally require.
Furniture manufactured for Bar Delicatessen responds to the need to include reclaimed wood from old farmhouses with a natural oil finish. Wall iron supporting structures allow the creation of lightweight yet capacious containers that give the premises a vintage look. Wallpaper decorates the tables area of the café, surrounding customers with a warm atmosphere, while they sit sipping a warm drink and tasting pastry. It was a complex project, which involved a lot of thinking, changing, pondering but that was also rich in inspiration, freedom and trust: the perfect glue to support long-lasting relationships. Le Sorelle Martini consider clients like friends to pamper and support forever.

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