Eco-sustainable furniture for companies: our recipe mindful of the environment

When we speak about eco-sustainability we immediately think about environmental awareness. When interior design is involved, however, this concept expands to include different aspects. For example eco sustainability includes concepts such as respect for raw materials through awareness and the choice of production processes that do not exploit resources in a reckless manner and attention for personal well being.

We have turned our father’s passion for carpentry into our present activity, maintaining an eco-sustainable and ethic entrepreneurial approach. We decorate and design natural style furniture, accessories, kitchen furniture and units with multiple functions. We combine design and colour, creativity and passion for manual work, paying attention to our territory, promoting cultural events, and supporting ethical and social initiatives.

Personal well-being is at the heart of all our projects. Our aim is favouring an increasingly close and harmonious relationship with natural materials such as wood, fabrics, textiles, and upholstery for an eco-sustainable, social and ethical development. For this reason we use exclusively wood from controlled deforestation, or reclaimed wood from abandoned farmhouses that finds a second life in the manufacturing process.

Eco-friendly high-quality finishes and fabrics

Detail showing a non-toxic wood finish

An important feature of eco-sustainable interior design  is the use of eco-certified finish. Water-based finishes without toxic solvents are employed or natural oils, that enhance the wood grain and can be refreshed over time.

The choice of textiles is another important aspect of a sustainable process. Natural fibres, such as cotton, linen and wool are preferred to polyester or synthetic fabrics. Comfort and the balance of mind and body are thus preserved.

Other materials completing furniture, such as ceramics, natural stones, steel, etc., must be in line with the sustainability values, while at the same time guaranteeing performance, reliability and quality.

The importance of the relationship with our territory

interiors for an establishment or a shop of any kind we always incorporate our values: wonder, playfulness, experiment, emotion, tradition and originality. These are our driving values that enable us to keep improving, to experiment, to seek a contact with the territory.

This implies opening up to the territory, looking for relationships, dialogue, cultural and social exchanges before economic ones.  Eco-sustainability also means system environmental awareness, eco-friendliness for the environment where people live and communicate.

This strength supports the development of important and diverse projects. We enjoy challenges and, starting from a well thought-out concept, we can develop the client’s project with a materials palette already in mind.

Listening to clients, creating a synergy

The preliminary meeting and the relationship established with the client is of fundamental importance. It enables us to complete projects that talk about our customers, as was the case with the Delicatessen bar, the Bema Cosmetici offices and showroom and the Top Class Jewellery shop. These are three different companies with extremely diverse customers, characteristics and activities. 

The challenge posed by custom-made projects provides the opportunity to experiment with something new each time, inserting different elements, but always including the characteristics that represent us, adhering to the principles of eco-sustainability.

Bar and shop furniture designed by Le Sorelle Martini

The aim is creating a contemporary, clean fresh and inviting atmosphere, characterised by soft lines. Colours are used in combination with wood, expressing emotion and sensorial warmth deriving from touch and from the fact that it is a natural product.

Wood and the highlighted grain and knots are characterising features. We like to play with finishes that enhance wood, which is defined by these details that we do not consider as defects but rather as an expression of its nature. Wood should be used because of its characteristics that are to be displayed rather than hidden. The choice of wood type, which depends on the intended results, is crucial and makes the difference for all projects.

For the bar furniture we have mixed beech wood, birch plywood and reclaimed alder planks joining them with iron structures that are the central theme of the interiors and have both a functional and an aesthetic role. The result is furniture that is recyclable, flexible over time and that may be rearranged, thanks to structures that can be disassembled, moved and expanded.

Eco-friendly bar furniture

Time is another aspect of sustainability. The reutilization of furniture needs to be considered in advance, so that it may be easily adjusted and placed in different positions and compositions. Change and dynamism are of fundamental importance to us, because people are increasingly on the move, they have different life experiences and move easily for personal or professional reasons. Eco-friendliness includes easy assembling, disassembling and adjusting to different environments.

Sustainability is thus the key word referring to the use of a product in different ways over time. Furniture is no longer an end in itself with a single function but, on the contrary, it can be modified over time with minor alterations and changes of position. This is true for both private houses furniture, especially for families with growing children and changing interests and needs, but also for public establishments and shops, needing to renovate and to have a flexible image.

The jewellery shop interiors included wall panels and counters made with slats in planed and brushed wood with a hand-painted tempera finish, contrasting with linear and contemporary elements with a water-based spray finish. The interplay of colours blurring into different shades of grey enhances materials, highlighting both the smooth and the grained parts of the wood, strongly contrasting with the colour of the bright and golden jewels, making them look even more precious. Steel wires have been inserted to support containers in the shop window. This makes it possible to move them over time and to insert new objects as they can be lowered, raised or removed.

Ecosustainable interiors for a jewellery shop

A wide-ranging project has been developed for these office interiors, taking into consideration the varied needs of the different people living in those rooms. Concrete working needs provided the starting point: filing, storage, showroom, reception according to the different roles played in the company structure and especially the people working in the various rooms.

People need to tell their story and describe how they live the space and how they would like to improve it from the functional, logistic and aesthetic point of view. They feel the need to identify with their environment, including at work, where one spends several hours every day.

We aimed at making furniture pleasant, stimulating perceptions through our senses: sight, touch, and smell. An ergonomic study of shapes and of the optimal distribution of furniture pieces has been performed: overcrowding and filling every space is unnecessary, finding the right balance between full and empty makes one feel at ease.

We like to develop exclusive projects that are custom-made for the individual client. Colours help us represent moods and express feelings, while wood supports our eco-friendliness and eco-sustainability principles.

Administrative office furniture

Eco-sustainability as a corporate choice

We take sustainable decisions not only manufacturing our furniture, but we also embrace it as a corporate philosophy involving all choices and processes. For example we use renewable energy supplied by the Forgreen Group. We like to concentrate on concrete sustainability through a short supply chain, natural materials, ethical and sustainable choices that actively contribute to environmental sustainability.

We strongly believe in setting a concrete example and not simply in paying lip service. Ethics and sustainability also involve participating in social and cultural events, paying special attention to the condition of women and children through initiatives supporting the dissemination of education and values and through theme nights dedicated to book presentations, theatre performances, musical events. Culture can unite and create relationships.     

At our premises we organise theme nights on topics people can identify with because they share the same interests and values. We speak about organic food, natural furniture, colour therapy, natural remedies, books, music, arts, and personal well being with experts.

Interaction and cooperation are the key words. Ethics represents all the values a person includes in his priority list. We believe this translates into avoiding exploitation of people and resources, in an effort to support culture and in respect for land and territory.

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