An harmonious combination of shapes, colours and styles

The shape of furniture and objects, their style, straight, curved, sinuous and broken lines define the character of interiors, mark their signature and speak a universal language.

Linear, essential and geometric shapes refer to specific historic periods and talk about minimalism, pureness, simplicity, formal discipline, which characterized art in the 20s and 30s, combining the concepts of shape and function. Soft, sinuous and curved shapes bring back the Liberty period and its diverse European variations, the American 50s, baroque shapes. Rigour and sinuosity have alternated, marking decades, styles, currents of thought and have always influenced furniture.

We live at a time characterized by numberless opportunities, an eclectic and extremely varied age. We can find furnishing that is rational and clean while being also soft and sinuous. It is the interior designer’s job to combine the diverse stylish aspects into a single harmonious project. Contaminations of shapes and a desire to dare and experiment are the essence of le Sorelle Martini. We strive to create a dialogue between different shapes and styles, as many elements can be counterpoised and look perfect next to each other. It is often the ability to make a twentieth century object coexist with a contemporary one, or a wooden piece with a laminated one, that increases the value of an interior design project. A perfect balance, coupled with the will to experiment and the ability to tell a story, can create decoration projects that make people living in those spaces feel unique, as they will be able to identify with them.

Our starting point is the idea that colours and shapes can be mixed and that one should not restrict oneself to a single style to decorate correctly. We like to go beyond that and propose something unusual combining different materials, shapes and colours. Textiles play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and soft atmosphere. Fabrics are materials inviting be touched, observed, handled. We choose natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and look for styles and colour vibrations binding yarns and patterns that can best create the upholstery of embracing chairs or soft sofas with plenty of colourful cushions.

A round and stuffed pouffe can be placed next to a coffee table with a linear shape but rounded corners. A smoked glass table lamp may be added to obtain a softer effect. Similarly, a geometric table will have a vintage look if manufactured with a natural and warm material such as wood and finished with non-toxic water-based varnishes. It can be enhanced by an owl-shaped white ceramic lamp, which can make an old-fashioned material look ironic, funny and contemporary.

Abbinamento arredi Le Sorelle Martini

Green is the trendy colour in 2017 interior design

For our latest projects we have played around with different shades of green, the trendy colour of 2017. Green is relaxing and evokes nature, freshness, spring, awakenings and fortune. The nuances we used are sprout green and olive green, mixed and sometimes interrupted by cement grey or ice grey to create linear, fresh and comfortable interiors, suitable for offices.

Tendenze arredamento 2017
Sprout green, olive green and cement grey dresser

A special touch is provided by furniture with rounded corners combined with a birch plywood body, treated with white oil. The choice of colours and their combination extends to floors and walls, window frames and doors. Everything is studied and arranged to create a balanced effect. We recommended an intense and warm shade of grey for the walls, grey ceramic floors with wood-like veining and beige lacquered doors and window frames. The rooms have been prepared to welcome unique furniture that can steal the scene.

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An harmonious combination of shapes, colours and styles



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